2013 Fall Book Club Schedule

Fall 2013Our first book club meeting scheduled on Friday, September 13, 2013 at 2:00pm is fast approaching! If you’re planning on joining, please be sure to register.

A recent article in Inside Higher Ed highlighted several risk factors that contribute to increased student dropout rates. Our Fall Book Club selection, Teaching Unprepared Students by Kathleen F. Gabriel, a professor at California State University, Chico examines methods that can be used by faculty to promote successful learning. During her tenure as a Faculty Development Specialist at the University of Arizona, she developed an academic support program for at-risk and unprepared college students.

This book was selected based on feedback from faculty. We hope that you will join us for a “professor-friendly” discussion on classroom success.

Book Title
Teaching Unprepared Students: Strategies for Promoting Success and Retention in Higher Education.

Meeting Times
Fridays, 2:00pm – 3:00pm

CETL Lab or via Google Hangout

Book Club Details
Participants will receive a copy of the book. Every other week, the group will meet face-to-face or via Google Hangout to discuss chapters. One participant will serve as a discussion leader by bringing discussion points/topics as well as supplemental materials relevant to  the week’s readings discussion. All participants are invited to blog about the readings of the week.  After each meeting, a post sharing what was discussed will be featured on the CETL Blog.

Book Club Blog

Chapter Titles
1 – Unprepared and At-Risk College Students
2 – Philosophical Foundations
3 – The First Week of Class
4 – Begin with Consistent Contact
5 – Learning Styles and the Science of Learning
6 – Embracing Learner-Centered Education
7 – Interweaving Assessment and Teaching
8 – Techniques for Promoting Academic Integrity and Discouraging Cheating

Reading Schedule
Day Chapters Leader
September 13th Intro-Chapter 2 Lisa Hammonds
September 27th Chapter 3-4 Gladys Childs
October 11th Chapter 5-6 Ann Smith
October 25th Chapter 7-8 Marilyn Pugh
7 Responses to “2013 Fall Book Club Schedule”
  1. Mary Anne Clark says:


    Ben Miller and I were just moaning because the book club meeting time is now in conflict with our departmental faculty meetings! Boo hoo. Can it possibly be changed? Probably not, but we wanted to let you know.


  2. Mary Anne Clark says:

    BUT, if we can have a copy of the book, we’ll contribute to the Blog!


    • Lisa Hammonds says:

      No problem Mary Anne. We’ll order a copy of the book for you. Looking forward to your Blog contribution.

  3. Ben Miller says:

    Hi CETL,

    Mary Ann Clark and I will not be able to make the book club due to a conflict with our departmental (BIO) meeting. We were wondering if it is not possible to move the time/date of the book club meeting, then could we get a copy of the book and contribute to the blog?


    • Lisa Hammonds says:

      Ben, we welcome and encourage your blog participation. We’ll order a copy of the book for you.

      • Ben Miller says:

        Hi Lisa, I will be happy to blog about CH 5. Let me know the specifics on how/where I should blog; is it on this blog? Recall, that I won’t be able to make the meeting.

        • Lisa Hammonds says:

          Hi Ben,

          That’s awesome. We will discuss Chapter 5 & 6 on October 11. So you have a little time. Watch the video here to learn how to create your blog post.

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