Badges 2.0

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Our Badge Initiative

This semester, the CETL is revising it’s system of badges to better acknowledge, challenge, and reward faculty and staff who engage in professional development activities. We’ve developed some new badges, introduced badge levels, and tweaked the way badges are earned. We’ve also expanded the way participants can publicly display their badges.

A list of all the badges can be found here. Most of these badges now have three levels. The initial level (which we’re calling the “learn stuff” level) is earned simply by participating in professional development activies. These can be CETL workshops, individual consultations with CETL staff, or even opportunities from other sources, like a conference or webinar. Those who wish to progress to the second level of a badge (the “do stuff” level) will work with the CETL to construct an appropriate challenge card. These cards will simply be things the participant can do to apply why they learned at the “learn stuff” level. Participants can move on to the third level (“evaluate/share stuff”) by constructing and completing another challenge. This one will focus on evaluating the application of the new knowledge and sharing how it worked with others. Participants can share through the CETL blog and website, social media, or more formal research and publication avenues.

The graphic below illustrates the new system:



The CETL Badge System explained.

The email notification sent by us when you earn a badge.

The email notification sent by us when you earn a badge.

Our goal here is to build a system that’s customizable by the participants, acknowledges professional development comes from many venues, and pushes participants to apply, reflect on, and share what they’ve learned.

In addition to that, all of faculty’s previous efforts are not going to be forgotten! The CETL will publicly issue all of the previously earned badges via Credly, as well. When you earn a badge you will receive an email notification of your achievement (see illustration). If you want to save and share that badge you must click on “save & share” (if you don’t have a Credly account yet you will be prompted to create one after this step). When you accept the badge you may view your badges via or via the Credly app. If you wish, you can opt out of receiving those notifications.


Pedagogy Map

To help folks get started, we’ve created the Pedagogy Map. This is a wonderful visual representation of the new badges and how they are related. Participants can earn any badge they want whenever they want, but they can also create their own Learning Path. Particpants can sit down with the CETL staff to determine which path best fits their professional development goals. Each Path will be individualized, including challenges developed by the participant and the CETL, and self-paced. The CETL developed Pedagogy Map and new badges can help faculty and staff determine which paths would be best for them, however the CETL will develop and issue badges that are personalized to other requests for professional development. The Pedagogy Map can be viewed below. If you want to see the new badges associated and featured in it you may click HERE.

We invite all faculty and staff to take the professional development journey with us!

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