Thoughts on the Innovative University (Part Two)

(You can read Part One here) The central disruption universities must deal with is online education, particularly the sort of online education that targets previous non or limited consumers of traditional higher education. I am certainly not familiar enough with the literature on disruptive innovation to argue against their characterization of the problem, but I am familiar enough with online education to argue with their characterization of the solution. One of the suggested innovations universities must undertake is to offer more online programs. This increases the number of tuition-paying students, increasing the university’s revenue. Yet they treat such an increase as if their are little to no associated costs. Even if […]

Thoughts on The Innovative University (Part One)

I’ve just finished The Innovative University by Clayton M. Christensen and Henry J. Eyring. The lengthy book is provocative on a number of fronts, but is ultimately flawed due to a lack of attention to context. The book itself is part history, part call to action. It rests on the central thesis that the contemporary American university is largely modeled after Harvard. Harvard, in Christensen and Eyring’s estimation, is a truly comprehensive university. It serves graduate and undergraduate students, pays considerable attention to student life outside of the classroom, seeks to employ the best faculty in the world, and emphasizes world-class research. The history of American higher education is largely […]

App of the Week – Socrative

 Socrative is a free student response system app for teachers and students. It allows teachers to create educational exercises, games, and quizzes to engage with students and providing real-time response updates. Socrative runs on smartphones, tablets, as well as laptops and students are not required to create accounts, just to join the classroom. This application also provides online reports for teachers as google spreadsheets or excel files. For a database of activities that you can use with Socrative click HERE. For a quick demo of this app watch the video below. For more details on how to use this app click HERE. If you have used this app in your classroom please […]

Google – Hangout

A brief video tutorial on how to connect to other people via Google Hangout.

This Week at the CETL – 06.17.13

This summer here at the CETL is a time for planning and projects. We’re already beginning to see the fruits of that labor! The CETL staff has been busy producing short (less than five minute) instructional videos that provide just in time instruction on a single topic. Right now, we’ve posted videos about the “My Menu”? and “Dashboard”? screens in Blackboard and how to make a new post in WordPress. We’ve got videos on Google Hangout in the works, as well as more about Blackboard and other topics. All videos can be accessed via the “Videos” tab at the top of the CETL Website. If you’re interested in creating your […]

Top 5 New Features in Blackboard Learn

In mid-May, Texas Wesleyan upgraded its instance of Blackboard Learn to Service Pack 11. As you prepare for your fall courses, be sure to check out the new features. As with some software upgrades, there will be features that aren’t the extremely beneficial. However, with this latest release, I think you’ll discover a few nice features for both you and students. Here’s my top 5 list of new features for Service Pack 11. 1. My Blackboard: This is a pretty cool feature, particularly for students. While there is more that can be done with this feature, it’s pretty nice in that it consolidates information from all courses. Information such as […]

Book Club Week 1

Yay! We had our first book club meeting of the Summer and it went very well! We had great dialogue about the book chapters, education, higher-ed and how the topics in the book relate to us here at Texas Wesleyan. We started off by talking about some housekeeping items including creating a new post on the CETL blog as well as connecting with Google Hangouts – which we were able to use to three participants! Perhaps we will record our hangouts to share with the world…perhaps… In this meeting, with discussed Foreword-Chapter 2 of Collins and Halverson’s Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and Schooling in […]

App of the Week – Notability

Notability, a GingerLabs annotation app for the iPad allows users to create handwritten notes, pdf annotations, as well as audio recordings that link to notes that can be saved in the app itself or that can be synced to cloud storage services such as dropbox, google drive, as well as webDAV, Box, twitter, and email. While this is not a free app, it usually runs at a very affordable price (today it is $1.99 at the app store), but sometimes they run sales and promotions where you can get it for cheaper. According to the apps’s blog, Notability has been listed as the 17th most downloaded paid iPad app of […]

Spring/Summer 2013 Mini Grant Winners

Congratulations Carol Johnson-Gerendas – Mass Communications Barbara Kirby – Social Sciences Terri Cummings – Mass Communications Gladys Childs – Philosophy/Religion Mini-Grant winners were selected after submitting a proposal outlining: The specific item or items they wished to purchase, the conference you wished to attend, or the project that they needed money for; How they expected the item, conference, or project to enhance their teaching; How their request fits within the University’s strategic interest/mission. The maximum individual grant amount awarded was $500. Those who receive a CETL mini grant are expected to present how they used the technology and/or what they learned at the conference at a CETL workshop in the […]

This Week at the CETL – 06.03.13

Happy summer, everyone! Based on the feedback we received during the Summer Institute, we’ve developed a full slate of summer workshops. We’re proud to showcase these during Workshop Wednesdays – two workshops during the middle of the day every Wednesday during the summer. These kick off this week with some of our most popular workshops from the summer institute – Blackboard New Features and Social Media 101. We’ve got many other workshops scheduled throughout the summer (including some on Turnitin), so check the website and sign up! We’d also like to congratulate out CETL min-grant recipients! Terri Cummings, Carol Johnson, Gladys Childs, and Barbara Kirby were all awarded funds to […]

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