Congratulations to Other Badges Winners – Summer Institute: Cary Adkinson, Beth Battles, Bruce Benz, Joe Brown, Chitra Chandrasekaran, Gladys Childs, Mary Anne Clark, Kay Colley, Jeanne Everton, Ken Helvey, Karen Hodges, Laura Kunkel, Benjamin Miller, Karla O’Donald, Chris Parker, Ryan Rich, Kate Sierra, Alison Simons, Patti Gearhart Turner, Michael Weir

2015 NMC Presentation

Welcome to the resources page for our presentation at the 2015 NMC Summer Conference. TO EARN YOUR CREDLY BADGE, PLEASE CLICK HERE To understand the rationale for the implementation of our badges and points system, please read the information on our Badges 2.0 page. To view all of the badges that we offer visit our Pedagogy Map page. To view the latest badges awarded by the CETL through our website, visit the Badges Awarded page. Our #NMC15 powerpoint presentation is found below:

Summer Institute Resources

We hope you enjoyed your experience at this year’s Summer Institute. In this post you will find links to the presentations shared by our speakers and links to the recordings of the presentations: Bill Madigan’s Keynote (click to watch) Metacognition (click to watch) Lunch Presentation – May 19, 2015 (click to watch) Lecturing Using the 10-2 Lesson Structure (click to watch) Collaboration & Inquiry (click to watch) Strategies For Reading Academic Texts (click to watch)   Writing to Learn (click to watch) Lunch Presentation – May 20, 2015 (click to watch) Application of Strategies & Ideas Exchange (click to watch) Wrap Up and Closing (click to watch)  

2015 Summer Institute


Texas Wesleyan offers instructors access to lecture capture and storage service called Mediasite by Sonic Foundry. Some Texas Wesleyan classes are equipped with recorders that allow for the scheduled recording of lectures or for the live streaming of classes and events. An additional capability of Mediasite is the personal desktop recorder that allows instructors to directly record a lecture from their personal computers to be uploaded to the Mediasite server. The personal desktop recorder also allows instructors to create videos with other devices and upload them (or other existing videos) to the MediaSite server. To manage the videos created and uploaded onto MediaSite, faculty and staff need access to MyMediaSite. […]

Conferences and Consultations with Instructional Designer, Lisa Hammonds

Our very own Lisa Hammonds, Instructional Designer, presented at T-BUG (Texas Blackboard User Group) Conference this past week in Houston, TX. T-BUG is an organization for those who use Blackboard products and the group facilitates sharing of best practices and solutions to problems. Lisa’s presentation, “Blackboard Three R’s – Rewards, Retention and Rubrics,” highlighted how to incorporate Blackboard’s achievement, retention center and rubrics features to increase communication with students, engage students with course content and keep them on track for success. On November 7th, The Center for Digital Education, in conjunction with the North Texas Community College Consortium and the National Convergence Technology Center, will host the 10th Annual Texas Community […]


Welcome to the resources page for our EDUCAUSE webinar. To earn your Credly badge, please CLICK HERE to complete a feedback survey. To understand the rationale for the implementation of our badges and points system, please read the information on our Rationale for Implementation page. To view all of the badges that we offer as well as the activities where faculty and staff can earn points, visit our Badges and Requirements page. To view the latest badges awarded by the CETL through our website, visit the Badges Awarded page. To view our most up-to-date leaderboard, visit our Leaderboard page. To watch a video with the process of input of the points […]


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Use your Cognitive Surplus with the Spring Book Club

I’ll admit, this wasn’t my first choice for the spring book club book. I wanted to do something more directly related to college teaching, focused on critical thinking. But the original book I picked was too expensive, so we turned back to Clay Shirky. I am glad we did, because I think Cognitive Surplus is illuminating, provocative, and relevant for higher education. Shirky’s thesis is that, since World War 2, American’s have had increasing amounts of free time and energy, but most of that has been taken up by consumer activities, particularly watching TV. The advent of the social web has changed that. We can now collaborate easier than ever […]

2013 Fall Book Club Schedule

Our first book club meeting scheduled on Friday, September 13, 2013 at 2:00pm is fast approaching! If you’re planning on joining, please be sure to register. A recent article in Inside Higher Ed highlighted several risk factors that contribute to increased student dropout rates. Our Fall Book Club selection, Teaching Unprepared Students by Kathleen F. Gabriel, a professor at California State University, Chico examines methods that can be used by faculty to promote successful learning. During her tenure as a Faculty Development Specialist at the University of Arizona, she developed an academic support program for at-risk and unprepared college students. This book was selected based on feedback from faculty. We […]

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