2014 Spring Leaderboard - Updated April 10
Name Department Points Badges Earned
Julie Vowell Graduate Education 128pts blackboard_learnfriend_cetlCETL BFF Badgecetl_bffcetl_bffblackboard_learnblackboard_learn
Joe Brown Communications 87pts Fall Kickoff Badgecetl_bfffriend_cetlCETL BFF BadgeCETL BFF Badge
Sharon Peters Developmental English 61pts Fall Kickoff Badgecetl_bfffriend_cetlSmartboard BadgeCETL BFF Badge
Kalpana Pai Business 53pts friend_cetlCETL BFF BadgeFall Kickoff Badgecetl_bffcetl_bffblackboard_learnblackboard_learn
Chris Parker Biology 51pts friend_cetlSmartboard BadgeFall Kickoff Badgecetl_bffCETL BFF Badgecetl_bff
Gocken Ogruk Business 43pts friend_cetlSmartboard Badgecetl_bffCETL BFF Badge
Jay Brown Psychology 40pts friend_cetlcetl_bff
Carol Johnson Mass Communications 37pts Fall Kickoff Badgefriend_cetl
Bill Newton Education 36pts friend_cetlcetl_bff
Gladys Childs Philosophy and Religion 32pts friend_cetlCETL BFF Badgeblackboard_learnblackboard_learnblackboard_learncetl_bff
Elizabeth Neely English 23pts friend_cetl
James Hubbard Biology 23pts friend_cetl
Karen Hodges English 23pts friend_cetlcetl_bff
Rudy Leonard Psychology 22pts friend_cetlCETL BFF BadgeSocially Engaged BadgeFall Kickoff Badgecetl_bffcetl_bff
Annette Elias Education 18pts friend_cetl
Laura Kunkel Exercise Science 18pts friend_cetlFall Kickoff BadgeCETL BFF Badge
Misti Sparks Counseling 18pts cetl_bfffriend_cetl
Terri Cummings Mass Communications 18pts friend_cetl
Carlos Martinez Education 15pts cetl_bff
Eddy Lynton Sociology 15pts friend_cetlcetl_bff
John Fisher Music 13pts friend_cetl
Mary Ann Clark Biology 13pts friend_cetlFall Kickoff Badgecetl_bffCETL BFF Badge
Terri Kane GPNA 13pts friend_cetl
Benjamin Miller Biology 11pts friend_cetlCETL BFF BadgeFall Kickoff Badgecetl_bff
Adam Koenig School of Business 10pts
Beth Battles Languages and Literature 10pts friend_cetl
Bruce Benz Biology 10pts friend_cetlSmartboard Badge
Joe Paniagua Business 10pts friend_cetl
Sonja Gaddy West Library 10pts
Joe Dryden Education 10pts
Linda Metcalf Couseling 10pts
Christine Benson Music 10pts
Michael Greer Academic Success Center 10pts friend_cetlFall Kickoff BadgeCETL BFF Badge
Aileen Curtin Education 8pts
Elsa Anderson Education 8pts
Amanda Novak Advising 7pts cetl_bff
June Johnson West Library 7pts cetl_bff
Kendra Irons Philosophy and Religion 7pts Fall Kickoff Badge
Roberta Marley Student Records 7pts
Barbara Kirby Paralegal Studies 5pts
Frederick Slabach President 5pts
Jackie Gaffner Education 5pts friend_cetl
Kay Colley Mass Communications 5pts
Kay Potter West Library 5pts
Kim Webb School of Business 5pts friend_cetlFall Kickoff Badgecetl_bff
Robert Flowers Arts and Letters 5pts
Elizabeth Howard West Library 4pts
Allison Kane West Library 2pts cetl_bff
DeAnn Day English 2pts
Elsa Torres West Library 2pts cetl_bff
Greg Tidwell IT Academic 2pts
Helena Bussell Provost Office 2pts cetl_bff
Jasmine Tuya Student Life 2pts
Kate Wiant West Library 2pts
Liz Bridges West Library 2pts cetl_bff
Micah Marin IT Academic 2pts
Alison Simons Sociology 0pts friend_cetlcetl_bff
Ann Smith 3PR 0pts
Ashley Newkirk New Student Programs 0pts cetl_bff
Billy Blair West Library 0pts cetl_bff
Cary Adkinson Social Sciences 0pts friend_cetl
Celia Wilson Education 0pts
Chasidi Dixon School of Business 0pts
Chitra Chandrasekaran Biology 0pts Fall Kickoff Badge
Chris Windsor Student Life 0pts friend_cetl
Christopher Smith Mailroom 0pts cetl_bff
Claire Stegman Religion and Humanities 0pts
Connie Hahn GPNA 0pts
David Tripp Humanities 0pts friend_cetl
Debbie Roark Grants and Research 0pts cetl_bff
Doug Spellman Mailroom 0pts cetl_bff
Evyan Osborne English 0pts
Hector Quintanilla School of Business 0pts friend_cetl
Ilka Araujo Music 0pts friend_cetl
Jane Moore Mathematics 0pts
Jean Dougherty GPNA 0pts
Julie McCoy Music 0pts
Kathy Prates Chemistry 0pts cetl_bff
Kaylee Perry School of Business 0pts
Kevin McGarry Business 0ptss friend_cetlcetl_bff
Kim Tyler Education 0pts
Kit Hall Religion 0pts friend_cetl
LaVern Ross Developmental Math 0pts
Lenee Griffin GPNA 0pts cetl_bff
Lina F Bernal Perez Chemistry 0pts
Linda Carroll Languages and Literature 0pts
Lisa Dryden Education 0pts
Liz Ward Education 0pts friend_cetlCETL BFF Badgecetl_bff
Loraine Dieckmann GPNA 0pts friend_cetl
Marilyn Pugh Psychology 0pts
Mark Hanshaw Religion Studies 0pts
Mary Landers Math 0pts
Matthew Hand Psychology 0pts Fall Kickoff Badge
Mayra Ramon Grants 0pts
Michele Ardigo GPNA 0pts
Norma Valejo International Programs 0pts
Pam Rast Kinesiology 0pts friend_cetl
Patsy Robles-Goodwin Education 0pts
Peter Colley Religion and Humanities 0pts cetl_bff
Phillip Pelphrey Chem & Biochem 0pts
Robert Wilson Education 0pts
Robyn Boone Career Services 0pts
Rod Erakovich Management 0pts friend_cetl
Sameer Vaidya Business Administration 0pts
Sandy Hart Management/Business 0pts
Sarah Stivison School of Business 0pts
Sharon Carano Education/Kinesiology 0pts cetl_bff
Shengxiong Wu Business 0pts friend_cetlFall Kickoff Badgecetl_bff
Stacia Campbell English 0pts
Stephanie Stegman History 0pts friend_cetl
Steve Daniell Arts and Letters 0pts
Tom Smith Mathematics 0pts
Tom Tolleson Business 0pts
Tomas Bell School of Business 0pts
Tommy Nichols Management 0pts
Trisha Anderson Management 0pts
Twyla Miranda Education 0pts
Vincent Sangsuang Mailroom 0pts cetl_bff

*10000 denote honorary points for bringing food to the CETL staff. Points were added towards the friend of the CETL badge.

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