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Imagine being at home or away from campus and you discover that you need a little bit of extra assistance to help you complete your assignment for class. In that situation, you would probably consider coming to campus and going to Academic Success Center for tutoring. Wouldn’t it also be nice to get that same tutoring from home or wherever you are? Wesleyan’s Academic Success Center has a solution for you.

skypeAs part of the academic assistance provided by the center,  students are provided the opportunity to receive one-on-one tutoring via Skype during the center’s open hours. What an awesome opportunity for students! The only hardware required by the student is a microphone and speakers.  Now a webcam would be cool to use in that it would allow the tutor to see the student. However, a web cam is not required for the student to see the tutor.

An added feature provided by the center allows students to view resources provided by tutors such a papers, websites, etc. Say the tutor is assisting a student with solving a math problem. The tutor, with the help of a document camera can solve the problem and explain while students watch. The students are able to see whatever is projected on the document camera.

This student-centered service is just one of the wonderful services the Academic Success Center offers.  If you know someone who is having trouble with course work, please be sure to let them know about this service. To learn more about the center, visit

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  1. I am curious to know whether the authorities at Wesleyan’s Academic Success Center has tried WizIQ Virtual classroom ( ) for for their online classes. Why I am suggesting is because I find the tools available in WizIQ VC is far more friendlier than any other option. In fact a student can attend the class without a webcam too. The teacher can write on the whiteboard with pen tablet which gives an effect like chalk and board class to which the students are so familiar. You van also rad about a comparative study at .

  2. I wish I could turn the clock back and learn online!

    In seriousness though, I think it is a very viable supplementation of physical school.. The latter is important for the social aspect of course, but online is increasing in popularity.

    Kajal – thanks for the link – I will look into it – our school just uses Skype (synonymous with online learning at this point for our students) but competition is always good!

  3. Diana Tower says:

    It is articles like these that make me appreciate my job even more. Being able to provide students assistance from the comfort of my own home (with the help of the internet) is amazing. It saves so much time and allows you to get right to the task at hand.

    I love the situation that you used at the beginning. If a student gets stuck on a question or can’t figure something out, it can be quite disruptive to have to go out to campus and get some help from someone in person.

    From the tutor’s perspective (mine) online is so much easier. You don’t have to commute and you can organize your time better. If a student cancels you can easily contact a student for a last minute make up class. All they need to do is hop on their computer. The likelihood of finding a last minute student when tutoring face to face is next to zero.

    As for the platform, skype is a great free tool to use for one to one sessions, if all you need to do is speak and possibly share a document (screen share function).

    If you need something with a bit more “umf” to it, I’d highly recommend WebEx or Adobe Connect. They both provide, audio, video, digital chat, digital white board, screen sharing and much more.

    Online tutoring is a wonderful career option (part time or full time). 🙂

  4. Jason Bates says:

    I agree with Diana too, online learning/distance education is a beautiful gift in our age!

    I’d add to the list!

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