Summer Institute Featuring Guest Speaker Kristi Gerdes

kgerdesKristi Gerdes of AVID for Higher Education will lead day two of the CETL Summer Institute.   Her teaching practices include high-engagement activities that give students both great responsibility and ample support.

Kristi’s Bio:

Kristi has degrees from the University of Chaminade of Honolulu (B.A.) and Dallas Baptist University (M.A.).  She began her teaching career in the secondary field as an English teacher and then the AVID elective teacher.  She was a part of Southwest Texas Junior College’s faculty and the Student Success Coordinator from 2008 until 2012.  Kristi’s extensive teaching and services experience encompasses teaching first-year seminar and core courses in English. Kristi also helped develop the Student Success Center at the Uvalde Campus and integrated a Supplemental Instruction (S.I.) and tutor support service at SWTJC.  As a Student Success Coordinator, Kristi’s focus is student engagement and success in advising and instruction. Kristi was the AVID Liaison for SWTJC from 2009 until 2012 and feels that her experiences as administration and faculty give her insight into classroom realities and institutional processes.

Gerdes will share her knowledge and experience in successfully incorporating High Engagement Strategies into the classroom using specific AVID techniques.

RSVP today and reserve your spot for this years CETL Summer Institute to see Gerdes in action.

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