2013 Fall Kickoff Thanks

The CETL would like to thank the winners of the 2013 Fall Kickoff Badge (participants that attended all events for the day) as well as those that participated in 1 or more Fall Kickoff sessions: Amanda Novak, Barbara Kirby, Betsy Alexander, Bruce McDonald, Carlos Martinez, Claire Stegman, Debbie Roark, Elizabeth Hennessy, Eronia Melesse, Helena Bussell, Inez Zhang, James Hubbard, Jerry Baldwin, Kathy Prater, Kay Colley, Laverne Ross, Linda Henifin, Mark Hanshaw, Norma Vallego, Peter Colley, Sandy Hart, Stacia Campbell, Stacy Dissinger, Stephanie Stegman, Terri Cummings, and Timothy Reece. CLICK HERE to see the gallery of pictures of this event.

2013 Fall Kickoff Badge Winners

Congratulations to the Fall Kickoff Badge Winners: Benjamin Miller, Carol Johnson, Chitra Chandrasekaran, Chris Parker, Joe Brown, Kalpana Pai, Kendra Irons, Kim Webb, Laura Kunkel, Mary Ann Clark, Matt Hand, Michael Greer, Rudy Leonard, Sharon Peters, and Shengxiong Wu.

2013 Fall Kickoff Gallery

Check out the pictures from the CETL Fall Kickoff event that happened Thursday, August 15th.

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