2015 OTHER BADGE WINNERS – summer institute

Congratulations to the 2015 Other Badge Winners – Summer Institute: Kate Wiant, Dorian Johnson, Sarah Roche, Sharon Peters, Ibrahim Salih, Gladys Childs, Robert Thiebaud, Chris Ohan, and Aileen Curtin.

Summer Institute Resources

We hope you enjoyed your experience at this year’s Summer Institute. In this post you will find links to the presentations shared by our speakers and links to the recordings of the presentations: Bill Madigan’s Keynote (click to watch) Metacognition (click to watch) Lunch Presentation – May 19, 2015 (click to watch) Lecturing Using the 10-2 Lesson Structure (click to watch) Collaboration & Inquiry (click to watch) Strategies For Reading Academic Texts (click to watch)   Writing to Learn (click to watch) Lunch Presentation – May 20, 2015 (click to watch) Application of Strategies & Ideas Exchange (click to watch) Wrap Up and Closing (click to watch)  

Check out the 2015 Summer Institute Schedule

Our Summer Institute, in partnership with AVID, will be held on MAY 19-20. The focus this year will be High Engagement Strategies. Bill Madigan will lead day one and Kristi Gerdes will lead day two. Faculty members are encouraged to bring a syllabus to apply high engagement strategies presented during the sessions to a module or lesson in their course. The CETL staff will provide breakfast, lunch and snacks for all attendees. Please RSVP.

Summer Institute Save-the-Date

This year’s CETL SUMMER INSTITUTE, in partnership with AVID, will be held on MAY 19-20. This year’s theme is HIGH ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES and we look forward to seeing you there!

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The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Texas Wesleyan University (CETL) promotes a student-centered university by providing resources and professional growth opportunities to faculty on enhancing instructional practice, integrating technology, and promoting essential student skills.

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