Mini-Grant for Research in Teaching & Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce a call for proposals for the first mini-grant competition for research in critical thinking, teaching and learning. This mini-grant is designed to fund research that will impact the teaching of critical thinking in face to face, online, or hybrid courses. Possible uses for the grant funds include the purchase of research materials (books, journals, etc), data collection materials (survey tools, instruments, etc), or materials for classroom use that will be evaluated (technology, books, etc). Projects might include literature reviews, action research, case studies, or evaluation of teaching and learning materials. The maximum individual grant award will be $500. […]

This Week at the CETL – 10.01.2013

Happy October everyone! We’ve got a big programming announcement this week: In an effort to help all faculty engage with our international students, CETL is proud to partner with the School of Education to present “Instructional Strategies for Linguistically Diverse Students”. Led by Elsa Anderson and Patsy Robles-Goodwin from Wesleyan’s own School of Education, this workshop will help faculty understand the challenges in developing academic language skills faced by students who aren’t native English speakers. It will feature plenty of practical advice and opportunity to build skills using hands-on activities. This four-hour workshop will be offered twice: once on October 25, from 12:00 – 4:00 PM and again on October […]

This Week at the CETL – 09.23.2013

I think we’ve officially moved from the beginning of the semester into the heart of it. CETL is working hard to support faculty and staff in meeting teaching challenges and working toward innovative pedagogical practices. On our website, we’ve added a “Teaching International Students” section.  Here, you can find resources for helping our international students succeed. You can download Mark Algren’s presentation on “Helping Gulf Arab Students Succeed in College” there now, along with a list of resources. We also have Amanda Novak and Stacy Dissenger’s “Advising International Students” presentation. We’ll have the full video of Mark’s presentation up shortly and we’re adding new materials to the website and our […]

This Week at the CETL – 09.16.2013

Hello from the CETL! So, maybe Texas only has three seasons? Summer, End of summer, and Almost Summer? Maybe. But we have FOUR workshops this week: “Collaborative Learning Tools to Promote Active Learning” on 9/17 at 12:30. This BB workshop will focus on the “Groups” feature within BB Learn. Learn how to form and utilize student groups with the other collaborative features within Blackboard. “How to Take Your Classroom from Face to Face to Online” on 9/18 at 2:00. (Geared toward new faculty, but anyone is welcome). “Blackboard Mobile” on 9/19 at 12:30. Utilize the Blackboard Mobile App! “Creative Assessment for Creative Learning” on 9/20 at 1:00. This workshop focuses […]

This Week at the CETL – 09.09.2013

Hello Wesleyan Faculty! So, this is my first Texas September. Not cool, Texas. Not cool at all. Literally. I was prepared for August, but this heat on into September is not making me very happy. Fortunately, we have good AC in the CETL. Come visit us for these awesome workshops! “Designing Learner-Centered Multimedia Objects” discusses how to plan, record, and post video and audio to enhance your classes on 9/10 at 12:30. “Storing Files in the Digital Cloud” presents tips for using Dropbox, Google Drive, and other online storage systems to enhance productivity on 9/11 at 2:00. “Smartboard Advanced” delves into the more advanced features of the Smartboard, like using […]

Think On!/CETL Mini-grants for Critical Thinking and Classroom Technology

Think On!, Texas Wesleyan’s Quality Enhancement Plan, and The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, are pleased to announce a Call for Proposals for the first annual mini-grant competition in Critical Thinking and Classroom Technology. This mini-grant is designed to fund the purchase of learning technologies that will be used in face to face, online, or hybrid courses in order to increase the critical thinking skills of students. The maximum individual grant award will be $500. No more than two grants will be awarded. Only full-time faculty are eligible to apply. In order to receive the award, winners must agree to the following: Prepare a grant award report that […]

This Week at the CETL – 09.03.13

Happy Labor Day, everyone! First, the CETL is happy to announce a Call for Proposals for the Think On!/CETL Mini-Grants for Critical Thinking and Classroom Technology! Do you have an idea for using technology in the classroom to foster students’ critical thinking skills? The QEP and CETL are here to help! We’re awarding two grants of up to $500 each to faculty who want to use technology to meet the QEP student learning outcomes. The full call can be found HERE. We’ve got some great workshops this week: Prezi on 9/4 at 2:00; Using Turnitin as a Teaching Tool on 9/5 at 12:30; and Using Blackboard to Enhance Teaching and […]

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