Think On!/CETL Mini-grants for Critical Thinking and Classroom Technology

Think On!, Texas Wesleyan’s Quality Enhancement Plan, and The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, are pleased to announce a Call for Proposals for the first annual mini-grant competition in Critical Thinking and Classroom Technology. This mini-grant is designed to fund the purchase of learning technologies that will be used in face to face, online, or hybrid courses in order to increase the critical thinking skills of students. The maximum individual grant award will be $500. No more than two grants will be awarded. Only full-time faculty are eligible to apply. In order to receive the award, winners must agree to the following: Prepare a grant award report that […]

App of the Week – Strip Designer

Have you ever thought about giving an assignment to your students where they would create a comic strip? Well, you should! For that task, you can recommend the use of this great iPad app called Strip Designer. This is an app created by Vivid Apps (priced today as $2.99) that allows you to create a comic strip using the photos from the iPhone or iPad photo album or camera. For a quick demo of this app watch the video embedded below. To download this app click HERE. If you have used this app in your classroom please let us know by commenting on this post! We would love to learn […]

App of the Week – OnLive Destop

When using your iPad have you felt frustrated about not being able to edit your Microsoft Word papers or Excel spreadsheets? Are you a PC, not a Mac, person? Well, how about running a PC desktop out of your tablet? OnLive Desktop is a a free app that allows you to work anywhere with a virtual PC platform in your iPad. You create a free online account which gives you 2GB of free cloud storage, where you can add your word, powerpoint, and excel files and when you log into the app in your iPad you will be able to edit them or create new ones. There are additional plans […]

Book Club Week 2

In the second week of discussions of  Collins and Halverson’s Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology: The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America our focus was directed to Chapters 3 – The The Technology Skeptics’ Argument and Chapter 4 – The Development of American Schooling. Chapter 3 provided a strong counter view of Chapter 2 -The Technology Enthusiasts’ Argument by showing some of the challenges of implementing technologies into schools. Two of those challenges are: 1) the disruption of the balance on a system that has achieved a sort of equilibrium by applying years of experience on what works and what doesn’t; and 2) the disruption of the traditional power […]

B.F. Skinner and the Teaching Machine

Burrhus Frederic Skinner (1904-90) is certainly one of the most prominent names in psychology, behaviorism, social philosophy and his work has significantly influenced education. By his own accounts, his interest in education came from a visit he made to his daughter’s 4th grade class. After listening to a mathematics lesson he was in disbelief that the techniques used to teach children completely refuted all known theories and facts about human learning processes. In his view, those techniques did not work because praise and punishment are believed to only generate artificial motivation and do not create genuine interest in what is to be learned. In the above video, “taken from a […]

Presenting Dynamically with Prezi

We understand that professors have busy schedules. If you were not able to attend the Presenting Dynamically with Prezi workshop offered by the CETL, but are still interested in learning about this wonderful Web 2.0 presentation tool, please take a look at our embedded prezi presentation presentation below. If you need additional information on how to use prezi, check out the prezi team’s instructional videos HERE. If you are interested in scheduling an individual consultation with a CETL staff member to determine ways you can implement prezi in your lectures or student activities, please fill the form below. Individual Consultation Sign-up [contact-form-7 id=”5358″ title=”Individual Consultation Request Form”]  

Note Taking in 2012

I ran across this pic via twitter the other day, originally posted somewhere on Pinterest.  The general tenor of the comments on this pic were of the chuckling variety, as in “Ha.  Those kids today and their technology.  They think taking photos of something on the overhead is taking notes.  What a crazy world we live in!”  I think, however, this pic is provocative and useful in facilitating a discussion about technology in the classroom.  I’ve organized the observations and questions it provoked below in an attempt to spark further discussion. Look at all those kids with camera phones! I see seven, maybe eight high-school aged children here with phones that allow them to […]

Smartboard Resources via Pinterest

I know, I know.  You think Pinterest is just for recipies and craft ideas.  But I am beginning to find it’s an excellent place to find resources and ideas for the classroom.  I am drafting a post that discusses what Pinterest is and how it might be used in higher ed, but for now, check out these Pinterest Boards: I know folks are always searching for ways to better integrate the Smartboard into the classroom.  There’s a Pinterest Board for that!  It seems to be geared more toward K-12 teachers (so you School of Ed folks can find lots of resources to pass to your students here), but there are […]

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