Zombies and Learning

Today’ s post is a guest post from Kaeli Vandertulip, Assistant Professor of Library Science and Reference and Instruction Librarian.  Kaeli can be reached at kvandertulip@txwes.edu I started using zombies in library instruction four years ago.  When I started teaching students about citation styles, I was lucky to have half the class awake at the end of the class.  Then I brought in examples that tied together my interest in zombies with my love of all things research.  Not only do students pay attention, they remember the material—or at least remember me as the person who can help them with the details. Because of this, I became an accidental zombie […]

The Post Course Era

I just read an excellent and challenging article by Randy Bass in the Educause Review. “Disrupting Ourselves: The Problem of Learning in Higher Education” was first published in the March/April 2012 issue. Bass’ central claim is that we’ve entered “the post-course era.” This era has the potential to be extraordinarily disruptive because it says the curriculum is no longer the center of learning. Specifically, Bass argues “we have reached the end of the era of assuming that the formal curriculum — composed of bounded, self-contained courses — is the primary place where the most significant learning takes place.” (24) Bass’ argument draws upon research into high-impact practices that produce meaningful […]

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