Fall Book Club Update – Teaching Unprepared Students

During our most recent book club meeting, we examined two more critical components of improved retention and student success from Kathleen F. Gabriel’s Teaching Unprepared Students.  Chapter five explored Learning Styles and the Science of Learning and chapter six offered tips on Embracing Learner-Centered Education. There was an abundance of passion for improving teaching and learning throughout our meeting. Several book club members shared various strategies for helping students become more responsible for their own learning. Gabriel provides several tips such as Learning styles inventory assessments Sharing with students the research on how people learn and ways for them to discover how they learn Encouraging students to learn on a […]

Fall Book Club Update – Teaching Unprepared Students

Our book club met for the second time on Friday, September 27th and was led by Dr. Gladys Childs, Professor of Religion. We enjoyed thought provoking and at times comical dialogue surrounding Chapter 3 – The First Week of Class and Chapter 4 – Begin with Consistent Contact. We shared helpful strategies aimed at establishing an engaging, communal classroom atmosphere. We discussed ways to help students connect with the syllabus, such as an open ended syllabus quiz based on questions that starts with “Where would you find…?” When I found the image here, I reflected on my course syllabus and thought “I sure hope this is not an accurate depiction […]

Chapter 4: Not so boring after all…

I picked Chapter 4, “Begin with Consistent Contact (Attendance Matters),” because I thought it could not possibly be as boring as the title suggested. Yeah. Go to class. Duh! Fortunately, the chapter was not only NOT boring, but contained a number of good suggestions for encouraging student attendance, participation and consultation. We have all noticed the relationship between student engagement and student success. When I was an undergraduate, I missed only one class in the four years I was at school. I think about that sometimes, and realize that my consistency was facilitated by two things: I was a residential student and during the day at least, I rarely had […]

2013 Fall Book Club Schedule

Our first book club meeting scheduled on Friday, September 13, 2013 at 2:00pm is fast approaching! If you’re planning on joining, please be sure to register. A recent article in Inside Higher Ed highlighted several risk factors that contribute to increased student dropout rates. Our Fall Book Club selection, Teaching Unprepared Students by Kathleen F. Gabriel, a professor at California State University, Chico examines methods that can be used by faculty to promote successful learning. During her tenure as a Faculty Development Specialist at the University of Arizona, she developed an academic support program for at-risk and unprepared college students. This book was selected based on feedback from faculty. We […]

2013 Fall Book Club

Following up a very engaging and fruitful 2013 Summer Book Club where the focus was on Collins and Halverson’s Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology. The Digital Revolution and Schooling in America the CETL is pleased to announce the 2013 Fall Book Club. The Fall Book Club will showcase Kathleen F. Gabriel’s Teaching Unprepared Students. Amazon.com’s description describes the book as follows: “As societal expectations about attending college have grown, professors report increasing numbers of students who are unprepared for the rigors of postsecondary education—not just more students with learning disabilities (whose numbers have more than tripled), but students (with and without special admission status) who are academically at-risk […]

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