Fall Book Club Update – Teaching Unprepared Students

During our most recent book club meeting, we examined two more critical components of improved retention and student success from Kathleen F. Gabriel’s Teaching Unprepared Students.  Chapter five explored Learning Styles and the Science of Learning and chapter six offered tips on Embracing Learner-Centered Education. There was an abundance of passion for improving teaching and […]

Fall Book Club Update – Teaching Unprepared Students

Our book club met for the second time on Friday, September 27th and was led by Dr. Gladys Childs, Professor of Religion. We enjoyed thought provoking and at times comical dialogue surrounding Chapter 3 – The First Week of Class and Chapter 4 – Begin with Consistent Contact. We shared helpful strategies aimed at establishing […]

Chapter 4: Not so boring after all…

I picked Chapter 4, “Begin with Consistent Contact (Attendance Matters),” because I thought it could not possibly be as boring as the title suggested. Yeah. Go to class. Duh! Fortunately, the chapter was not only NOT boring, but contained a number of good suggestions for encouraging student attendance, participation and consultation. We have all noticed […]

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