Congratulations to the 2016 Mobile Badge Winner – Interactive: Ryan Rich!


Congratulation to the 2014 Mobile Badge Winners – Interactive: Kate Wiant, Chris Parker, Dorian Johnson, Sarah Roche, Sharon Peters, Ibrahim Salih, Gladys Childs, Laura Kunkel, Robert Thiebaud, Jackie Gaffner, Amanda Novak, Helena Bussell, DeeAnn Day, Kendra Irons, Kelly Anderson, Chris Ohan, Aileen Curtin, and Michael Greer.

App of the Week – Quickoffice

For those that do not like using their tablets or mobile devices because they cannot edit their word files, here is a solution for you: the Quickoffice app by Google. This app used to be paid, but as of last week it has become free for download. With it, you can create as well as edit Microsoft Office files on your iPhone, iPad, as well as Android devices. To download this app for the iPhone or iPad you can click HERE. To download it for android click HERE. To learn more about this app watch the video embedded below (this is an older video. We are creating a new one […]

App of the Week – Paper

Paper is an app by fiftythree.com that has received the 2012 Apple App of the Year Award. According to their website it offers users “five essential tools optimized for the creative process to Sketch, Write, Draw, Outline and Color.” This app is free, but it can only be used by iPad users. You can also purchase in-app upgrades. Here are some more of its features (source): APP OF THE YEAR 2012 Paper is where ideas begin. It’s the easiest and most beautiful way to create on iPad. Capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations, notes or drawings and share them across the web. Try it free—buy additional tools from the […]

App of the Week – Flowboard

This week’s featured app is called Flowboard. It is a free app for iPads that allow users to create boards and presentations that include buttons, videos, and galleries. Not only are they  interactive, but you can also share these boards with their URL to social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. In addition, you can sync your files (photos, videos, and pdfs) from Dropbox as well as integrate Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search items. To download this app click HERE. To learn more about this app watch the video embedded below. If you have used this app in your classroom please let us know by commenting on this post! […]

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