App of the Week – Prezi

The app of the week this week is Prezi. While Prezi has been known as a wonderful presentation creation tool, it was primarily used via web browser. Recently, they have launched a desktop version of the app and now their iPad app, which previously only functioned as a prezi presentation viewer, can be used for content creation as well as editing of presentations that have been previously created via the web and desktop apps. To download it for iOS click HERE. To learn more about this app, watch the video below. If you have used this app in your life or in your classroom please let us know by commenting on […]

Presenting Dynamically with Prezi

We understand that professors have busy schedules. If you were not able to attend the Presenting Dynamically with Prezi workshop offered by the CETL, but are still interested in learning about this wonderful Web 2.0 presentation tool, please take a look at our embedded prezi presentation presentation below. If you need additional information on how to use prezi, check out the prezi team’s instructional videos HERE. If you are interested in scheduling an individual consultation with a CETL staff member to determine ways you can implement prezi in your lectures or student activities, please fill the form below. Individual Consultation Sign-up [contact-form-7 id=”5358″ title=”Individual Consultation Request Form”]  

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