App of the Week – Evernote

The app of the week this week is Evernote. It is an excellent free app that helps you stay organize and allows you to save your ideas between all your devices. You can create notes, set reminders, to-do lists. More importantly, it syncs with a lot of other apps such as the previously featured Skitch, Swipes, Squarespace Note, Scanner Pro, and others. To download it for FREE for iOS click HERE. To download it for Android for FREE click HERE. To learn more about this app, watch the video below. If you have used this app in your life or in your classroom please let us know by commenting on this post! We […]

Higher Education in the Digital Age Review (part 1)

Why does college cost so much? Can technology, particularly online education, do anything about college costs? William G.  Bowen’s newest book, Higher Education in the Digital Age, directly addresses both of those questions. Bowen’s basic thesis about college cost is one he has been articulating and refining for quite some time. Known as the “cost disease”, it’s based on the relationship of labor in higher education with productivity. The issue with college costs isn’t that they’ve just been increasing at rates higher than inflation; the issue is that they’ve been rising without concurrent gains in productivity. This, Bowen argues, is due to the fact that the essential tasks within higher […]

The Importance of the Weekly Review

One of my big interests is faculty productivity. How can faculty be more productive with a limited amount of time? How can faculty keep a good balance, of just just the Big 3 requited for tenure and promotion, but also between work and life? I’m interested not because I am an expert, but because, well, I suck at it. I mean, I believe I have good work/life balance (my kids know who I am, at least) and I was tenured and promoted at my previous institution. But I know I could be more productive than I am; I could get more done. And if that were the case, then look […]

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The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Texas Wesleyan University (CETL) promotes a student-centered university by providing resources and professional growth opportunities to faculty on enhancing instructional practice, integrating technology, and promoting essential student skills.

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