Turnitin: Going Paperless

Personally, I’ve had success with having students ONLY submit their papers to Turnitin and not giving me physical copies.  I liked this approach because:  It saves students a few cents in printing costs and reduces paper consumption in general. I was able to give better feedback faster.  Using the Grademark sets, I was able to quickly drag […]

Turnitin: An Early Start

We left yesterday’s post with two maxims: Turnitin needs to be integrated into the course.  Students need to be aware of it, know how it works, and how you are using it.  Beyond that, I’d also add: Turnitin can be a powerful teaching tool. In order to better integrate Turnitin, begin thinking about it when […]

Turnitin: Are we doing it wrong?

The final weeks of the semester saw a flurry of requests for Turnitin Accounts.  Most of those emails read something like “My students are about to turn in their final papers.  Can I get a Turnitin account?” or “My students have already turned in their final papers and I think they’ve plagiarized.  Can I get a Turnitin […]

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