Turnitin: Going Paperless

Personally, I’ve had success with having students ONLY submit their papers to Turnitin and not giving me physical copies.  I liked this approach because:  It saves students a few cents in printing costs and reduces paper consumption in general. I was able to give better feedback faster.  Using the Grademark sets, I was able to quickly drag and drop comments about mechanics.  More importantly, I was able to put plenty of detailed comments in the text, saving the ones that I used over and over again (“Is this your thesis?!” was a common one).  I found that typing comments led to better comments on my part, as opposed to writing things in […]

Turnitin: An Early Start

We left yesterday’s post with two maxims: Turnitin needs to be integrated into the course.  Students need to be aware of it, know how it works, and how you are using it.  Beyond that, I’d also add: Turnitin can be a powerful teaching tool. In order to better integrate Turnitin, begin thinking about it when you’re thinking about your syllabus for the next semester. Here are some guidelines (or at least things to think about) for next semester and Turnitin. Set up Turnitin before you class starts.  This is pretty easy (very easy if you’re using it in Blackboard).  If you’re really ambitious, you can put all your assignments in […]

Turnitin: Are we doing it wrong?

The final weeks of the semester saw a flurry of requests for Turnitin Accounts.  Most of those emails read something like “My students are about to turn in their final papers.  Can I get a Turnitin account?” or “My students have already turned in their final papers and I think they’ve plagiarized.  Can I get a Turnitin account to help me confirm that they are cheating?”  We helped them get set up with their accounts, but a thought occurred to me as these emails kept coming in: If you’re asking for a Turnitin account at the end of the semester, you’re doing something wrong. That statement sounds harsh, I know.  But I […]

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