Zombies and Learning

Today’ s post is a guest post from Kaeli Vandertulip, Assistant Professor of Library Science and Reference and Instruction Librarian.  Kaeli can be reached at kvandertulip@txwes.edu

I started using zombies in library instruction four years ago.  When I started teaching students about citation styles, I was lucky to have half the class awake at the end of the class.  Then I brought in examples that tied together my interest in zombies with my love of all things research.  Not only do students pay attention, they remember the material—or at least remember me as the person who can help them with the details.

Because of this, I became an accidental zombie nerd.  I was seeing zombies everywhere, but zombies seemed to hold a place of special importance for my geek friends in their jokes.  This seemed odd to me: geeks normally stick with sci-fi motifs, not horror.  And I started asking why.

This presentation came from that question.  First, I examine what horror is, what humor is, and what geeks are.  Then, I look at what zombies mean to regular popular culture, then specifically to geek culture.  Finally, I look at why geeks appropriated the living dead for their own amusement.

View the presentation here:

Brains vs. Braaaaaains: An Examination Zombie Humor in Geek Culture

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